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Charismatic movement in Canada and New Mexico

Our History
Here is a brief history of the Catholic Charismatic Church of Canada and Holy Spirit Cathedral of Albuquerque, New Mexico.
The Catholic Charismatic Church of Canada
The apostolic lineage of the Catholic Charismatic Church of Canada, also known as the Catholic Charismatic Rite, began under the mandate of Clement XI, Patriarch of the West in 1693 when James Goyon de Matignon, Bishop of Condon consecrated Dominic M. Varlet as Bishop of Ascalon (in partibus) and Coadjutor to the Bishop of Babylon, Persia. Bishop Varlet in turn consecrated Peter John Meindaerts, Bishop of Utrecht who with other bishops and priests helped sustain the Ancient Church of the Netherlands founded by Saint Willibrord of Utrecht in the seventh century. From 1693 to the present day the Utrecht Church survives throughout Western Europe, North America, Central America, and South America. The historical lineage includes the Old Catholic Churches, the Polish National Catholic Church, the Catholic Church of Brazil, the Liberal Catholic Churches, and the Catholic Charismatic Church of Canada, among others. Collectively these churches enjoy an open association and retain independent jurisdiction. The Catholic Charismatic Church of Canada was established and organized by Patriarch Andre Barbeau in 1968. Barbeau was ordained a Roman Catholic priest on November 21, 1940 and served in that capacity for 28 years in the Archdiocese of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. In 1968 Barbeau was consecrated bishop and first patriarch of the Catholic Charismatic Church of Canada by pro-uniate Old Catholic bishops in Europe. Barbeau served in this capacity until his death on February 14, 1994. Succeeding Barbeau is Archbishop Andre Le Tellier, who was installed shortly after Barbeau's death in the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in Cite de Marie. The Catholic Charismatic Church of Canada immediately erected churches and communities in Canada and in several northeastern states in the United States; by the early 1990's the church's jurisdiction had spread as far south as Florida and later into the southwest including Arizona, New Mexico, and west Texas.
Holy Spirit Cathedral
Bishop Michael R. Karr first organized the Catholic Charismatic Church of Canada in the early 1990's in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Bishop Kerr was transferred outside New Mexico and Patriarch Andre Le Tellier appointed then Deacon Orlando Trujillo as bishop-elect of the budding church in Albuquerque. Shortly after the election. Le Tellier along with the other bishops of the Catholic Charismatic Church of Canada traveled to Albuquerque, New Mexico and ordained Trujillo priest and subsequently, on October 13, 1996, bishop of Albuquerque. The physical location of the first church, known as Holy Spirit Church, was in a leased facility at 2006 Bridge SW and remained there until December 1999, when it temporarily relocated to St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church at 3905 Las Vegas Road SW. The relocation was the result of a decision to establish building funds for a permanent home for this growing faith-based community. In January 2002 Holy Spirit relocated to its permanent half-acre home at 919 Goff SW. Currently the church boasts of its growing ministry and outreach in Albuquerque's South Valley; it is a participant in the South Albuquerque Collective Ministry, a food pantry for Albuquerque's needier families; it is a member of the Independent Catholic Churches of Greater Albuquerque; it assists families with issues of domestic violence, drug and alcohol addiction, and supports foster parenting programs. Additionally, the church maintains a ministerial outreach in Tijeras, New Mexico and Cubero, New Mexico.
A Vision for the Future
Given the growth and multiple outreach ministries of the church community the need for expansion is a dire necessity. The long-range vision includes developing a School of Ministry to train ministers, planting churches, developing orders of brothers and sisters, establishing a treatment center for drug and alcohol counseling, as well as building a new fellowship hall, church, and pastoral offices.

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